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Pet Nutrition


All of us are looking for the best nutrition for our pets. The Cat Doctor carries a variety of prescription diets manufactured by several different companies to help you find the best diet for your finicky feline. Here are the links to the three brands of cat food that we sell.


Royal Canin has created over two dozen feline therapeutic diets. These diets are created to help with a multitude of conditions from diabetes to renal disease. To view more information, feel free to visit their website,

Hill's Science Diet and Hill's Prescription Diets have been creating specialized nutrition for our pets since 1939. They are best known for creating k/d, a diet specially formulated for animals with renal disease. They offer many diets in multiple flavors. Their website is,

Purina is best known for their Purina Dog Chow that they have been offering for over 75 years. But today they have over a dozen different veterinary diets and over 27 different pet food brands. To learn more, visit Purina's website at,