The Cat Doctor

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This is Sidney. He came to live with us when he was about 6 months old and we do not know much about his childhood. One of our clients rescued Sid from a house that had about forty other cats. Ever since he has been our "Cool Cat". His favorite thing to do is pretend to be a mink stole as he wraps himself around client's necks. 

Sidney has so much spare time now that he is not contending with so many other cats for food, water and a place to sleep that he has picked up a few new hobbies. One of Sid's new hobbies is to go outside and romp through our front garden like it is his play ground. But as the rules go, Sidney always goes out on his harness and leash with one of his human attendants.

UPDATEUnfortunately, Sidney died in 2015 after a brief illness. We all miss our cool cat.